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5 Things to Know When Shopping for High Bay Light

1. Technology

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times about the benefits of LED high bay lighting. Well, there is a major reason why companies are making the switch. By comparison, conventional incandescent lamps measure in at 10 and 20 lumens per watt, while high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps and fluorescent lamps give up to 50-75 lumens per watt. The steadily improving LED technology and how we engineer our light engines offers industrial light fixtures starting at 140 lumens per watt. Lumens per watt. Look for it when shopping for high bays.

Another big benefit aside from efficiency is that fact that LED technology is dimmable. This option is great for many different scenarios. They are also very effective in saving energy when working with different types of occupancy sensors. Only using energy when you need it or at certain levels is a great way to help impact the bottom line.

2. Desired Light Level

As you can imagine, an inspection floor and a floor where robots automatically pick products off shelves for shipment require different amounts of light. Under a lot of circumstances, employee’s and other facility members may not realize that they are using the proper light levels solely on the basis that they are just plain used to it. Light In Depot offers a recommended amount of light for facility based on all factors such as natural lighting, duties being performed, and more. It may be tempting to buy the cheapest light fixtures that produce a high level of lumens but they may come at an unexpected price. We sell high-quality fixtures that will work for your budget and facility.

3. Area Dimensions

Knowing your ceiling height, width, and height, is important as it affects many things. Obtaining a blueprint before you talk to a professional will help to get the ball rolling on which high bay fixture will work best for you. Light In Depot has the ability to take all the necessary information and provide LED lighting options that will help you hit your desired goals.

4. Ceiling Type

Your ceiling type will determine how you will mount or hang your high bays. Some common type of warehouse ceilings are metal truss, white tin, purlins, and drywall.

5. Voltage

Know the power of the area you are looking to buy high bays for. These high bay products are designs for a certain type of voltage and will not be work, or severely underperform if the proper power is not provided. A large majority of commercial facilities are between 120 – 277v.

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